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- 5,450 m2 free of columns with an operating height of 9.40 m. Can be divided into up to 12 simultaneous rooms.


- It has all the facilities of services: voice, data, electricity, water, drainage and hanging points with a load capacity of 1.5 tons.


- 830 square meters of Foyer.


- Exterior esplanade of 4,300 square meters, ideal for large social events.


- 3 entrances to the enclosure: 2 lateral and the main entrance with a view to the Esplanade inside the land.


- Rear service area, with 6 loading and unloading platforms.


- 18,000 square meters of parking with capacity for 467 cars.


- Loading and unloading elevators in the Service Tower.


- Parking lifts to the upper floor.


- 2 electric stairs from Ground Floor to Mezzanine and from Mezzanine to Upper Floor.

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