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Yucatan is an ancestral land that preserves rich and unique traditions and customs, heritage of the great Mayan culture; its landscapes are a great multicolored fan where the greens of the jungle and the emerald of its seas commune; the intense blue of its cenotes and the pink of its fauna; it is a place where the stone becomes poetry and its history becomes love songs; Yucatan is full of aromas, colors and incomparable flavors of its recognized cuisine.


Merida is the economic, scientific and academic capital of southeastern Mexico and has managed to position itself as one of the favorite destinations for congresses, conventions and corporate events, as it brings together the facilities of a cosmopolitan city and the charm of its cultural life.


With a growing lodging offer; Merida offers 6 thousand rooms in categories from 3 to 5 stars for congresses; an optimal air connectivity from the main cities of the country and the southeast of Mexico as well as international connections; strategic locations in the city with venues for the development of diverse events, allow making Merida and Yucatan a highly competitive destination.


Vanguard and Modernity, Traditions and Customs, Bonhomie and Romanticism, Nature and History, Gastronomy... are the elements found in Yucatan and in every corner of this land to live a full time experience.




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